Aion, as an MMO, features numerous nonplayer (NPC) parts to voice. Every character speaks a greeting and a farewell when a player interacts with it. Many characters have additional or extended spoken parts in Aion’s cinematics. What each character says and how it is said has to fit with both the serious, epic fantasy tone of the game and the idiom of the language being voiced. The spoken dialog has to also fit with the timing of the animation in a cinematic (the length of the spoken part–when a character speaks and stops speaking) and a character’s gestures, emphasis, interactions with other characters, and the mouth movements of the character animated. Read on to find out more about what voice localization in Aion is all about.

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A week has passed since the third closed beta event ended and left you to the cold and bitter world outside Aion. The good news is that only one week remains until the next electrifying beta event commences. Here’s what you will want to remember.

Focus: Elyos and Asmodian levels 1-25, including access to the Abyss.
Starting time: 17th of July (noon PST, 8 PM BST, 9 PM CEST)
Ending time: 20th of July (July 19th 11.59 PM PST, July 20th 8 AM BST/9 AM CEST)

One of the more common items of feedback during our previous beta event pertained to server stability and we have made sure to address this specifically with the updated client for the coming weekend. Find below a list of updates for CB4:

  • Increased server stability
  • Various UI fixes
  • Various NPC load failure fixes
  • Various NPC grammatical fixes
  • Various Glossary term grammatical fixes
  • New NPC Dialogue/Quest text for Sanctum and Pandaemonium
  • GameGuard update

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Many characters have been conceptualized, created, forgotten, remembered and loved throughout the many years we’ve been making games. If you are planning to visit gamescom in Cologne this year, take an extra step, come dressed as a character of any NCsoft game listed on the official NCsoft website and join us on stage. The stage will highlight you in all your magnificent glory to the crowds of fans in front of it and let you enjoy the fruits of the hard work put into the costume’s creation.

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Sounds like fun if you ask me 😛 to bad i am not going hehe.

Very little news at the start of the week regarding the upcoming beta test, very annoying hopefully news/information will pickup today and the rest of the week.

Just as a reminder the next beta phase starts.

July 17th 8pm (GMT) and lasts until July 20th 8pm (GMT)
And the focus for this test is: 1 – 25 both sides and of course the long awaited Abyss for those who have not played KOR Aion and C-Aion.

Also the 5th beta test starts.

July 31st til August 3rd
However the focus of this test is still unclear but i guess we will soon find out anyways.

So until shit happens have a wonderful week at work or whatever you are doing this summer!.

The popularity for Aion‘s Limited Collector’s Edition has literally surged since announced one and a half months ago. We’re very excited by the demand we’ve seen for Aion overall, both in our beta test events and in preorders and presales of the game.

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So if you have not ordered your copy today go go go charge!.

Delve into the mystical world of spirit summoning!

Along with powerful magic and debilitating debuffs, Aion’s Spiritmaster summons elemental spirits to do his bidding. Calling upon earth, air, fire, and water this mage destroys his enemies and assists his allies with a awe inspiring skill that will undoubtedly please any player bold enough to play this class.

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EA is holding a weapon design contest for their upcoming game Army of Two: 40th Day so if you feel you have a very artistic mind why don’t you try and maybe if your lucky your weapon design will get picked and used in the game.

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